Through BCM210, we learned different research techniques. In the class, each of us selected the theme of most significant interest as research topics. In the end, we divided into a group of 3 people. We assumed that online opinion leaders influence people’s decisions. However, after the investigation and focus group interview, we came to another conclusion. Although opinion leaders such as celebrities will have a certain degree of influence on the decisions of others, they are still far less than family members and friends. Then I applied the results to cosmetic surgery and analyzed that social media is the most … Continue reading Reflection

Opinion Piece

With the proliferation of smartphones, selfies have become popular. Upload daily life pictures on the social network have become a part of people’s social life. However, it is also increasingly becoming the way we look at our flaws and giving us an invisible negative impact. Because of social media has been influenced people’s standard of beauty. It has caused many people to seek cosmetic surgery that they think is beautiful, such as eyelid surgery, breast implant, face-lift, etc. The number of photos uploaded to social networking sites every day is staggering, and those photos are closely related to people’s perception … Continue reading Opinion Piece

Research Review on plastic surgery; Annotated Bibliography

Changing Face of Beauty Report 2016  Report by Allergan, the makers of Juvéderm fillers and Botox, has revealed women’s attitudes to beauty across the globe. The Changing Faces of Beauty: A Global Report 2016 commissioned by Allergan and conducted by Insight Engineers via an online questionnaire, surveying 7,700 “aesthetically aware” female respondents from 16 countries including China, Australia, Korea, the UK, etc. The report examines how women define “attractive, beautiful, flawless” terms. On the interviewed women, they discussed how to appreciate the beauty without makeup. It pointed out that women of various countries have a tremendous different degree of acceptability … Continue reading Research Review on plastic surgery; Annotated Bibliography